Students Recognized at CMS Breakfast Announced

As previously mentioned, Colchester Middle School hosted a Student Recognition Breakfast on Friday, April 8.

The breakfast, sponsored by the CMS administration, recognized students for various accomplishments, such as leadership, effort, improvement, and contribution to Colchester Middle School. The students received their nominations from teachers and were presented with certificates of recognition at the breakfast.

The following students received recognition for their achievements:

Sevda Beridze
Jordan DeMatteis
Jared LeDuc
Chris Barrows
Shannon French
Clayton Isham
Maranda LaRose
Katie Hinman
Jordain Williams
Karen Savage
Abigail Burgess
Kevin LaValley
Joshua Wallis
Benjamin Seaman
Jenna Blondin
Myah Gagnon
Gabriella Coccetti
Alex Corrigan
Brandon Arel
Kirsten Atkins
Connor Zwonik
Erin Horton
Justin Ricker
Tre Nichols
Brittany Isabelle
Victoria Mier
Garrett St. Pierre
Danielle Whitham
Cory Senesac
Trisha Delibac
Sonya Tuttle
Sierra Gorkun

CMS students recognized at the breakfast


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