MBS Garden Work Day a Flowering Success

A dedicated group of volunteers gathered at Malletts Bay School on Saturday, May 7 to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty—with beautiful results.

Inspired by growing farm-to-school initiatives putting more fresh and local foods into schools, organizers Libby Davidson and Jane Ripley-Blin devised the MBS garden project. More than twenty people—adults and children—logged thirty-five total hours working side by side to spruce up MBS’s garden. With a generous $2,600 grant from GE for materials (procured in part with the help of parent Bobbi Abbott) and lots of hard work from the participants, an impressive amount of work was accomplished.

* Two raised beds were filled with compost mix delivered by Gardener’s Supply (for more information about Gardener’s Supply, visit http://www.gardeners.com/). The beds were planted with peas, radishes, head lettuce, spinach, and carrots.

Group members (from left to right) Paxton Brigante, Rick Brigante, Ava Hayes, Sophia Brigante, Abby Blin, and Ellie Davidson plant peas.

* Four planters were filled with compost and peat moss. Chives were planted in one, and oregano was planted in another of them for use by the kitchen staff later on. Corn and sunflowers were planted in the remaining two planters in order to create a welcoming entrance to the garden.

* A large pea trellis (that will also be used for cucumbers later in the season) was constructed, the produce from which will also later be used by the cafeteria staff.

Group members (from left to right) Jack Moore, Rich Davidson, Ellie Davidson, and Olivia Moore build a trellis.

* Seven raspberry bushes and nine asparagus plants (donated by Rick Brigante and family) were planted in hand-turned beds.

* A small tree was pruned, as were many vines and brambles near a large shade tree, resulting in a dramatic and inviting space.

* Leaves were raked, and all new plantings were labeled.

The day was a terrific example of community spirit, and the participants had fun while they transformed the garden. Interested in helping out with the ongoing work with the MBS garden? Please contact Jane Ripley-Blin at janeripleyblin@gmail.com for more information.

Olivia Moore works with a wheelbarrow at the event. Ellie Davidson walks by in background.

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