CMS Celebrates the Middle Ages

Students at Colchester Middle School traveled back in time with the help of a medieval fair on May 6.

Superintendent Larry Waters with Katie White and Sadie Anderson of Mansfield House

Wrapping up a study of the Middle Ages (a historical period spanning from the fifth to the fifteenth century) that lasted most of the third quarter, all seventh and eighth graders at CMS—approximately 335 students—celebrated with a themed gala. Students donned costumes and enjoyed dishes from that era, including bread, rolls, stews, tarts, pie, and homemade mustard, among other offerings.

Katie Hinman, Erik Bemis, Evan Chagnon, Dakota Navari, Peri-Kate Navarro, and Curtis Chagnon at the fair

The students read Avi’s Crispin: The Cross of Lead in order to better connect with the time period, and other students in all three houses also read Crispin: At the Edge of the World and Crispin: The End of Time as part of a differentiated instruction. Some other titles used as part of differentiated instruction for this unit were Sonia Levitin’s The Cure, Karen Cushman’s Catherine, Called Birdy, and Avi’s The Book Without Words. The students also had an opportunity to research, write about, sketch, and design a costume for a particular role or job related to the time period, including learning about the feudal system and what life was like as a peasant, merchant, member of the clergy, or nobility.

Seventh grader Lauren Brooks in her costume

Students showcased their many projects at the event, including models of castles, song writing, jester acts, illuminations and calligraphy, coin exchanges, baskets, trebuchets, catapults, shields, barrels, stained glass, book and paper making, and a castle gatehouse creation. Students on the Infinity Team created a medieval wall mural. The event was attended by the entire CMS community as well as by many parents and some members of Malletts Bay School.

Harbor House eighth graders Sophie Joyce, Ashely O'Kane, Roz Calderon, and Jennifer McNall in front of the Infinity Team’s mural

Many thanks to all of the family members who provided support for the projects and who participated in the celebration!

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