Lofty Pursuits: Check Out CHS’s Ropes Course

Have you heard about Colchester High School’s ropes course?

CHS students Tiffany Couture and Leah Dell, forty-five feet in the air, work together on an element called Two Ships Passing in the Night.

Located in the woods near the baseball/field hockey field, this three-year-old, permanent fixture consists of ten different elements—each about thirty feet off the ground—designed and built with Brattleboro-based High 5 Adventure Learning Center.

Physical educator Morgan Samler oversees the course, and PE teachers Adria Bahr and Tom Perry also use it for instruction (visit CHS’s Physical Education page for more information). Three-week-long ropes courses consisting of approximately twenty-five students are taught in the spring and fall. In these courses, students learn to belay, tie certain knots, climb, support each other, and challenge themselves in many different ways with activities like walking across a cable, swinging from rope to rope, walking on a log, or jumping into midair and trying to hit a bouy that is suspended thirty feet up. A particular favorite is an element dubbed “the Giant Swing.” All students are encouraged to try the ropes course at least once.

Students use Colchester High School's ropes course

The course has also been used for team-building programs with the faculty of some of CHS’s departments, as well as for some team-building work for students participating in Andros Adventure. (Stay tuned for more information about Andros Adventure in a future CSD Spotlight article!)

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