Have You Heard About CHS’s Writer’s Workshop?

Among its many programs and services, Colchester High School offers a valuable resource known as the Writer’s Workshop.

Although budget cuts resulted in the elimination of the workshop’s coordinator position in 2010, this long-running, invaluable offering for students has survived thanks to a number of different teachers who staff the class space during “duty” time—such responsibilities as covering study halls, lunch supervision, and the like. Because of this coordinated effort, the workshop is open to assist students during nearly every mod.

While the number of students who typically take advantage of the workshop in a given year is difficult to estimate, the fact is that a great number of them do. In doing so, students receive individualized tutoring, allowing them to receive customized help at every readiness level across all grades and subjects. The guidance provided in the workshop covers a wide spectrum—everything from helping students get started on a particular assignment to organizing their writing to looking over a piece of writing before a student submits it for a grade. CHS students have utilized the Writer’s Workshop for writing assistance with everything from humanities classes to science lab reports and even the occasional math assignment. The workshop typically sees more traffic with quarter-end papers and during college application season.

Although comparable programs can often be found on a collegiate level, writing resources such as this are not typically available at the high school level, which further serves to set Colchester High School apart.

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