Primer Series: An Introduction to PowerSchool—Part II

Recently, we talked a bit about Colchester School District’s PowerSchool data management system—specifically a bit about the type of information it manages and a bit about the Parent Portal component. (See Part I of the PowerSchool primer here.)

As a continuation of that article, let’s talk a bit about the costs associated with PowerSchool and the security measures in place to protect all of that data, as well as how it integrates with another important system we use at CSD.

PowerSchool came with an upfront purchase price of $31,000. In addition, Colchester School District pays $10,000 annually for ongoing maintenance and licensing agreements, part of which includes security upgrades that are engineered and deployed by the software company that developed it. As with most data, it is important to carefully guard it. The information stored and tracked within PowerSchool is protected by multiple layers of security measures. Password-protected, person-level permissions and security groups—all of which have different levels of security associated with them—are employed. Additionally, different user groupings (for example, parents, teachers, and administrators) are allowed access to different parts of the system for additional security, and a number of other measures are also employed to ensure that the information is safeguarded.

The district’s PowerSchool and AlertNow! applications have been programmed to synchronize nightly so that any information updated in AlertNow!—which is one of the district’s notification systems—will automatically update PowerSchool’s matching records within a twenty-four-hour period, effectively removing the duplication of effort and ensuring consistency of the data.

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