CPD Offers Forensics Presentation at CHS

Colchester Police Department's Detective Sgt. Cole

On September 13, members of Colchester Police Department met with juniors and seniors in Mrs. Boehmcke’s Forensic Science classes.

Detective Seargent Charles Cole and Corporal Jeff Fontaine described and discussed the observational and pragmatic skills needed in the field of forensics, offering a real-life look at crime scene analysis. They showed slides of crime scenes and talked with the students about processing them, including the process of making observations and collecting evidence of various types without contaminating it.

The officers emphasized the careful, methodical, and demanding nature of the work, noting the wide range of evidence that can contain DNA and that virtually anything could be significant and helpful in solving a crime—even something as seemingly insignificant as lit lights or household rubbish. They specified that investigators must always approach crime scenes with an open mind and that they must utilize all of their senses when examining the environment. Using such strategies, investigators can often deduce important information. They also stressed that, even with the sophisticated technology and equipment available in the field, common sense is truly an investigator’s best tool in this fascinating line of work.

To put some of the skills obtained from the officers’ presentation into practice, the class recently mapped a crime scene. The students demonstrated the necessary careful observation before proceeding into the crime scene as well as the proper protocol for processing it.

The officers’ presentations offered intriguing insight into the field of forensics—a valuable and eye-opening experience for the students.

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