CSD Proudly Presents Highlights of the Vision/Strategic Plan

If we could first know where we are and whither we are tending, we could better judge what to do and how to do it.
—Abraham Lincoln

The ideas generated and the information collected as the result of the entire vision summit process have been successfully compiled into the Colchester School District Vision/Strategic Plan by those tasked with writing it.

The plan is a forward-thinking, proactive approach to creating powerful educational and enriching experiences for our students in a rapidly changing world. You might find that our June 7 article “The Changing Face of Education” underlines some of these very themes and that it further demonstrates why crafting this strategic plan was so vitally important for our students and for our community.

Those who participated in the vision summit focused upon three major themes, including “Preparing Students for the Future,” “Community Partnerships,” and “Effective Communication.” Community members wishing to have an earnest and influential voice in what education should be in Colchester School District shared what they demand from education and why those needs are so important. Participants also shared what critical skills they felt our students must have in order to successfully prepare professionally and to contribute to our communities.

Out of this process came a number of pathways through which our vision for the future will be accomplished, including:

* High Standards, Expectations, and Individual Engagement for All Learners
* Technology Infrastructure and Integration
* Learning Outside Our Four Walls
* Commitment to Effective Communication
* Parent, Community, and School Partnerships Among Lifelong Learners
* Wellness-Oriented, Balanced, and Healthy Learners
* Town + School = One Vision

The highlights of the results of the entire initiative are presented here in both PowerPoint and .pdf formats.

Many, many thanks to all of the parents, educators, students, and citizens who engaged in this intensive and critically important enterprise!

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