CHS’s Lofty Reach—Graduate Steers International Space Station

Houston, Apollo 11 … I’ve got the world in my window.
—Michael Collins

This is pretty neat, and it makes a great fun-for-your-Friday feature: a 1988 Colchester High School graduate is a flight controller for the International Space Station (ISS).

The ISS is a research laboratory that can be seen with the naked eye from Earth under certain conditions, and it is expected to remain operational until at least 2020. An extraordinary technological accomplishment, is the collaborative effort of fifteen countries around the world, and it has enjoyed continuous human occupation for more than eleven years. Flight controller Jennifer Kimball, a CHS alumna, manipulates the positioning of the 431-ton ISS—which spans the area of a football field—from the NASA Space Center Houston in Texas.

You can listen to Ms. Kimball’s interview with Vermont Public Radio on this January 30 podcast.

Our January 17 CSD Spotlight feature described a bit about why the study of science is so important, and Ms. Kimball’s (literally) astronomical accomplishments in the scientific field lend additional credence to it.

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