PPS’s PBIS Program Proudly Progressing

A team from Porters Point School is attending an extensive training session hosted by the Vermont Department of Education (VT DOE) this week to further facilitate the school’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program, which debuted at PPS at the beginning of the school year.

The five-member PPS team is receiving the VT DOE’s PBIS Tier 2 training, which is targeted toward assisting children requiring more specific interventions.

As we’ve discussed before in CSD Spotlight, it is through these and other research- and training-based approaches to behavior management and methods of documenting and analyzing progress that Porters Point School—and CSD as a whole—intends to firmly establish innovative ways of creating positive and respectful environments that foster healthy growth, development, and academic excellence in addition to those already in practice.

PPS is working hard to ensure consistency in the application of PBIS. The collection and frequent analysis of the program’s data is extremely helpful; the ability to identify trends and patterns in student behaviors allows the team to strategize solutions and circumvent problems before they occur.

The students remain enthusiastic about receiving recognition for safe and respectful behaviors, and the student goal-reaching celebrations are ongoing.

For more information, you may contact PPS Principal Jim Marshall or visit PPS’s PBIS blog. You may also visit the national PBIS website or Vermont’s PBIS website.

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