What Has 66 Legs, Runs More than 400 Miles, and Cares About Your Kids?

MBS’s Casey McCuin, CMS’s Aubrey Garrison, Superintendent Larry Waters, MBS’s Aimee Boucher, and Ashley Cota at the Vermont City Marathon on May 27.

Incredibly, thirty-three Colchester School District employees—approximately 17 percent of our total organization, the oldest runner of whom is sixty-four years old—participated in the twenty-fourth-annual KeyBank Vermont City Marathon and Relay on May 27.

Malletts Bay School’s Jennifer Jacobson

Colchester High School’s Morgan Samler, Laura Sommariva, and Tara Sharkey

Consisting of both individual runners and relay teams, employees representing every school in the district—as well as the district’s administration—collectively ran more than four hundred miles! That is approximately equivalent to running from Colchester to Toronto or from Colchester to New Brunswick!

Colchester Middle School’s Evelyn Stenroos

Team “Spare Parts,” among whom is Porters Point School’s Dawn Bissonnette

Union Memorial School’s Sherry Thibault

CHS’s Pat (Patricia) Schiller, CHS’s Mary Romary, CMS’s Shari Amour, PPS’s Fred Moses, and CHS’s Anne Cummings

Our proud runners are:

Aimee Boucher
Amy Tosch
Andrea Boehmcke
Anne Cummings
Aubrey Garrison
Betsy Ferry
Carolyn Millham
Casey McCuin
Danielle Grise
Darlene Lamphier
Dawn Bissonnette
Elizabeth Thomas
Erin Sorenson
Evelyn Stenroos
Fred Moses
George Trieb
Gwen Carmolli
Jennifer Jacobson
Jo Berry
Kelly Barnett
Larry Waters
Laura Sommariva
Mary Romary
Morgan Samler
Patricia Schiller
Robyn Schenck
Sandra Dickin
Sean MacArdle
Shari Amour
Sherry Thibault
Shirley Sebo
Tara Sharkey
Tracy Hughes

The district’s marathon participants represented not only administration and every school but also a myriad of personal backgrounds—everything from first-time runners to lifelong runners and including some who have recently recovered from serious illness and injuries. It was a very proud day for Colchester School District. Congratulations to everyone!

And for the seventh consecutive year, a number of Colchester High School employees—many of whom ran in the marathon—also recently ran in the twenty-ninth-annual Vermont Corporate Cup Challenge and State Agency Race in Montpelier on May 17. Three teams consisting of three runners each participated in the race. The five-kilometer event benefits programs and events of the Vermont Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.

  • Laura Sommariva, George Deane, and Rachel Wood comprised the “George & the Ladies” team, taking second place for mixed nonprofit teams.
  • Andrea Boehmcke, Danielle Grise, and Chris Lang made up the “Barely Capable” team, placing twenty-fourth in the mixed nonprofit teams.
  • Morgan Samler, Sean MacArdle, and Zach Kramer called their team the “CHS Role Models.” They won first place among the men’s nonprofit teams.

Colchester School District takes wellness efforts seriously. Our vision and strategic plan speaks to it, and we are responding in kind both in and out of the classroom. We are committed to health and wellness for our students and community members every day. Please join us!

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