Top Three Reasons Why This CMS DIY Project Is Great

The assistant principal behind the homemade teleprompter has rolled out—literally—his latest cost-savings DIY project.

Introducing the homemade laptop cart!

CMS Assistant Principal Dovid Yagoda with his DIY laptop storage and charging cart

The laptop cart—which was built from all repurposed materials, including an unused faculty mailbox station, an old computer cart, and extra power strips—can store up to twenty-four laptops and is complete with a built-in charging station.

Here are the top three reasons why this project is great:

  1. Purchased new, laptop carts can cost upward of $1,500. This laptop cart cost Mr. Yagoda about thirty minutes of his time.
  2. The laptop cart not only reclaims unused materials, it prevents the necessity of new materials being produced, thereby making it an example of environmental stewardship.
  3. This laptop cart is a highly visible and very practical example of creative problem solving for our students. It demonstrates how need combined with ingenuity and some experimentation can result in a workable solution.

And as part of CMS’s ongoing efforts to encourage school pride, Mr. Yagoda also cowrote a new school song with CMS music educators Emily Brennan and Bridget Tozzi. (Click here to view the lyrics.)

To view a short video of a recent pep rally (featuring the Cougar!) and a sample of the song, click here!

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