The Election!

And the winner is … ?

As we have recently discussed, promoting responsible citizenship skills among young people is particularly important as global issues become increasingly complex (CSD has curriculum specifically designed to promote responsible citizenship skills), and accordingly—and aptly timed with the national election taking place today—Malletts Bay School students will practice their civic engagement skills through an election of their own.

Similar to Colchester Middle School students’ recent practice with casting ballots, the Ospreys will choose a name for their mascot and for their school garden while using real voting booths. (Click here to see the ballot!) If you haven’t been following the MBS Osprey Mystery—including the mysteriously appearing osprey feathers and letters from the osprey regularly arriving—you can learn more about it by watching a series of short video clips on MBS’s website. (Here are a few fun pictures of the osprey’s first formal sighting at the recent Monster Mash dance.)

Many, many thanks to the community volunteers who are helping to make this event happen. We appreciate your partnership!

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