PLEASE READ: Important Budget Information

We are working hard to make the Colchester School District FY 2014 budget information as widely available and accessible as possible. We ask everyone to review the budget materials, ask questions, and generate dialogue as you consider your vote. As is stated in the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017, we work to “generate positive awareness of school activities and services and to encourage effective dialogue within Colchester and beyond.”

The superintendent’s recommended FY 2014 budget can be found here. It offers financial information as well as information about per-pupil spending, cost-related factors to consider, and other helpful information about our schools.

And did you know that the budget includes funding to support improved building security and monitoring? Included in the budget is funding for:

  • Main and secondary entry systems
  • Replacement of unsecure doors
  • Upgraded door locking systems
  • Improved monitoring systems

The School Budget Book for FY 2014 can be found here. This is a very comprehensive document that includes general information as well as information about revenue, Act 68 and the tax rate, the core budget, enrollment, debt service, the Consolidated Federal Program Spending Plan FY’14, and the budget vote.

Information about expenditures can be found here.

Information about revenues can be found here.

Information about the tax impact can be found here.

Would you like a quick fact sheet about our FY 2014 budget? Please click here!

Would you like a quick fact sheet about the bond for renovations to the Colchester High School science labs? Please click here!

Would you like to request an absentee ballot? Please click here to find out how!

All of this information can also be found on Colchester School District’s website. You may also stop into the administrative offices at 125 Laker Lane to request copies of the materials and ask questions.

We are working to continue the critically important work of strengthening our schools and our community. Please vote on Tuesday, March 5.


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