Was Your Classroom Like This Back in the Day?

Can you imagine a class in which a student could flexibly—and even repeatedly—watch a lecture from the comfort of home, freeing up the instructional class time for him or her to critically engage with hands-on learning under the guidance and tutelage of the teacher? Can you imagine the student having the ability to ask questions and receive immediate answers when grappling with new concepts?

Some teachers at Colchester High School are using an instructional model that offers exactly that.

The concept of “class flipping,” an information delivery model in which students use technology to view pre-recorded lectures outside of class—thus freeing them up for active problem solving and mentoring with their teachers during their scheduled class time—is based on the book Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams. In this system, teachers record the class lecture material—embedding questions for the students to consider—and then link them to their classroom websites. Students then view the lessons outside of class—from home or from a computer lab or library—and use their class time to ask questions and get immediate answers as they work to apply their knowledge.


There are a number of benefits with such an instructional model. In addition to allowing students to internalize the material at the pace that is comfortable for them and allowing them the option to watch and re-watch lectures, it allows them significantly increased face-to-face time with their teachers. It also allows for greater collaboration with other students and helps to hold students’ interest in the material.

If you would like to view an example of a classroom lecture, here is a video about friction posted by science team leader Will Warren for his Principles of Physics class. There are also two short videos here that explain the idea behind class flipping that are interesting to watch and provide additional insight.

A number of CHS teachers have implemented this instructional approach, and while this is a relatively new initiative at CHS, the practice has been gaining ground around the nation for a number of years. This approach to instruction also aligns with a number of pathways in the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017, including Pathway A: High Standards, Expectations, and Individual Engagement for All Learners; Pathway B: Technology Infrastructure and Integration; and Pathway C: Learning Outside Our Four Walls.

To view a WPTZ News Channel 5 segment about CHS’s class flipping, please click here!

If you would like more information, please contact Will Warren at (802) 264-5700 or warrenw@csdvt.org.


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