Exciting News About Our Work With the School Health Index

Our community has said that wellness is a priority for our schools; Pathway F of the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017 is Wellness-Oriented, Balanced, and Healthy Learners. To that end, and as we’ve recently announced, Colchester School District’s wellness coordinator is spearheading a number of initiatives aimed at expanding upon our wellness program that has already received notable acclaim on a number of occasions.

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One of these initiatives is to roll out our work with the eight-component School Health Index (SHI): Self-Assessment & Planning Guide, which is a self-assessment tool developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to assist schools in creating an action plan for their health and wellness practices.


The SHI is a way of engaging a cross-school community team in a meaningful and productive discussion about school health policies and programs. Using the SHI, we are actively assessing the current wellness in the school district in order to identify our existing strengths and to address our current challenges by formulating concrete action plans. What is particularly exciting about this is that it is a proactive measure to ensure excellence. As a means of collecting data in order to measure our effectiveness and to chart our forward action planning, the district is beginning with assessments of four of the eight SHI components—to include health and safety policies, physical education, nutrition services, and one other of each school’s choosing. These assessments will be completed by the end of the school year and addressed over the summer to help identify how our schools can enhance current wellness policies and practices.


For more information about our wellness initiatives, please visit our wellness blog or e-mail the district’s wellness coordinator, Jaycie Puttlitz, at puttlitzj@csdvt.org.


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