CHS Sixth-Annual “Battle of the Brains” Has Rousing Finale

The student team emerged victorious for the first time ever in Colchester High School’s sixth-annual Jeopardy-style “Battle of the Brains” competition on March 28.

(Disclaimer: This photo is admittedly fuzzy but is too cute to omit) Kathleen McMahon reacts to her team’s victory over the teachers’ team

In preparation for the yearly event, teams from both the faculty bracket and the student bracket compete during lunch times to determine the champions, culminating in an all-school assembly in which faculty champions and student champions match wits for the title. The hugely popular, exciting, and friendly competition engages student and faculty participants alike, encouraging a positive rapport and strengthening relationships throughout the school community.

The student team: Jacob Morton-Black, Kathleen McMahon, Hunter Colvin, and Joe Pakulski

The teacher team: Will Warren and Bill McClintock

Aimee Delaricheliere, Bill McClintock, Will Warren, Kathleen McMahon, Joe Pakulski, Jacob Morton-Black, and Hunter Colvin

Please click here to view a video of the exciting event that earned raucous applause!

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