Creative Ways to Learn About the Human Body

Some Malletts Bay School Ospreys are hard at work learning about the human body.

MBS third graders in Ashley Laurent's class display their board games

MBS third graders in Ashley Laurent’s class display their board games

In Ashley Laurent’s third-grade class (you can read her classroom blog here!), the students have already studied a number of body systems through a variety of activities, including reading articles, collecting data, and making projects. For example, the students designed and played games to learn about such topics as asthma, pneumonia, and the negative effects of smoking.

Student-designed board game about the respiratory system

Student-designed board game about the respiratory system

In addition to the cardiovascular, circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems, the science unit will also include the study of the muscular and skeletal systems as well as a study of heredity.

Game 3_S

If you would like more information about this science unit and about what the students are learning, please contact Malletts Bay School at (802) 264-5900, or e-mail Ashley Laurent at

Game 2_s

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