Interesting Facts About School Funding

Many, many thanks to our community for approving the budget at yesterday’s vote! We deeply appreciate your support. (If you would like to see the election results, please click here.)

Did you know that there are a number of district employees whose positions are not funded by taxpayer dollars but are instead partially or completely funded by grants and other sources, including Medicaid and other incentive dollars?

For example, more than thirty food service employees’ salaries are not funded by Colchester taxpayers. Additionally, a host of educators’ positions—including Title I teachers, a mathematics teacher, an elementary school teacher, an alternative education teacher, the district’s literacy coordinator, and the district’s math coordinator—are also alternatively funded. The district’s wellness coordinator and stipends for school-based wellness leaders are also funded outside the voter budget.


Additionally, Colchester School District also actively pursues a wide variety grant funding opportunities to bolster programming for our students. Over the last year alone, CSD has investigated, sought, and been awarded grant funding to support numerous initiatives, including those pertaining to science and technology, mathematics, literacy, early education, career exploration and preparedness, nutrition, physical education, music, environmental sustainability, and supplemental instruction. All of this is in a concentrated, focused effort to minimize the impact of education funding upon our community.


Education funding is complex and multifaceted. The increase in the FY 2014 budget, for example, was not due to additional academic, supplemental, or extracurricular programs. Rather, a number of factors contributed to it, including:

There are great number of other factors that also impact education funding. Comprehensive information about the school budget can be found here.

We are available to answer any questions; please contact our administrative offices at (802) 264-5999 if you would like more information.

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