CSD Technology Integration Specialist a Keynote Speaker at Technology Convention

Colchester School District’s technology integration specialist, Aimee Boucher, was recently part of the keynote at Dynamic Landscapes, an annual conference co-sponsored by Vita-Learn and the Vermont School Libraries Association.

Technology Integration Specialist Aimee Boucher

Technology Integration Specialist Aimee Boucher

Ms. Boucher offered a presentation about Wonder Blogging, which was developed by our own Natalie LaRose, a second-grade teacher at Porters Point School, in collaboration with teacher Ashley Merced in Chicago. These two teachers began their collaboration by doing a Mystery Skype (if you missed our CSD Spotlight article about that, you can access it here). From the original collaboration has grown a larger-scale project using Wonderopolis, an online education tool with countless classroom applications.

If you would like to view the slides from Ms. Boucher’s keynote presentation, please click here. (The event was also filmed by the Regional Educational Technology Network (RETN); please click here for more information.)

Ms. Boucher also writes a technology newsletter for CSD. Please click here to see it—it is packed with resources and information!

Why is all of this so important? Because technological innovation in education is more prevalent—and critical—than ever before. Creative and flexible approaches to instruction are on the rise in our district and around the world. (Did you see our article about “classroom flipping”? If you missed it, you can read it here. It’s really exciting!)

To learn more about CSD’s 2012–2015 technology plan, please click here.

CMS teacher Jenn Roberge was also recently honored for her innovative use of classroom technology; if you missed that article, you can read it here.

The Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017′s pathways include Pathway A: High Standards, Expectations, and Individual Engagement for All Learners; Pathway B: Technology Infrastructure and Integration; and Pathway C: Learning Outside Our Four Walls. There is a lot of forward momentum in our schools on these fronts. Furthermore, the Vermont Technology Grade Expectations outline major focus areas in education, and among them are digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts, so this work is particularly meaningful and relevant.

Your schools are working really hard to implement technology in meaningful, innovative ways (please click here to read about $15,000 worth of grants recently awarded for classroom technology). If you would like more information, please contact our administrative offices at (802) 264-5999, call any of your schools, or e-mail Aimee Boucher at bouchera@csdvt.org.

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