“Pop for a Cure” Initiative Heats Up

Malletts Bay School fifth grader Tyler Roberge is on a crusade to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.


Using a real popcorn machine, Tyler is making and selling popcorn on Fridays during October with a goal of raising $400. (To see his flyer about his project, please click here.) He was inspired to raise funds to support cancer research by a family member who was affected by the disease.


The popcorn maker was a long-awaited birthday gift. Tyler loves popcorn and was unable to eat it for quite some time because of dental complications. Now that those have been rectified, he is happily enjoying popcorn once again … and clearly others enjoy it too; Tyler is already more than halfway to his $400 fundraising goal.

The "Pop for the Cure" cash box

The “Pop for a Cure” cash box

Tyler’s friends Adem Basic and Owen Russo have stepped in to help in the fundraising effort.

MBS students Tyler Roberge, Adem Basic, and Owen Russo

MBS students Tyler Roberge, Adem Basic, and Owen Russo

“I know they’re trying really hard to find a cure,” Tyler said, “and I wanted to help.”

MBS students regularly step up to organize ways to help out with a variety of causes. Last year, three MBS Ospreys raised a considerable amount for the American Cancer Society through the Daffodil Days campaign. Earlier this year, a group of MBS Ospreys served as “Change Bandits” in this year’s Big Change Roundup to benefit programs and services at Fletcher Allen Health Care’s Vermont Children’s Hospital.

Just a few other examples of what Malletts Bay School students have done for their community include:

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