Students Participate in Anti-Bullying Campaign

While October is National Bullying Prevention Month, Colchester School District takes issues surrounding bullying and digital responsibility very seriously all the time. Through proactive policy, programming, and ongoing efforts to foster positive school climate development, your schools put considerable effort into bullying prevention and cyber safety initiatives and work vigorously to prohibit harassment and bullying by providing a variety of supports to our students around the issue.

At Colchester High School, for example, all administrators regularly attend training around the issue of bullying and violence prevention. Aspects of CHS’s AT program, which is designed to allow all students to develop a rapport with at least one teacher beginning with their freshman year through the end of their junior year, also addresses bullying, as well.

In keeping with this theme, Colchester Middle School students recently participated in a national anti-bullying event.

A student signs an anti-bullying pact

A student signs an anti-bullying pact

Launched by the “Mean Stinks” campaign, which focuses on eliminating bullying and encouraging kindness, the “Gang Up for Good” event was a coordinated effort among schools all across the country. Students discussed various aspects of bullying, including its definition, examples of bullying behavior, what victims and bystanders and even perpetrators of bullying can do to help create and foster a positive and encouraging community environment, and more. In demonstration of solidarity, students painted their pinky fingernails blue. In advance of the event, CMS guidance counselors visited classrooms throughout the month to further discuss the issue of bullying.

Circle of pinkies_s

To view CSD’s complete bullying-prevention policy, which includes processes and procedures for addressing bullying, please click here. To view CSD’s complete prevention of harassment of students policy, please click here.

To learn more about what all of your schools are doing to address bullying, please click here. Please also feel free to contact your schools if you have any questions or concerns. You may also contact Superintendent of Schools Larry Waters at (802) 264-5999.

Your schools and your town are working hard to engage our community. Please encourage your friends and family to subscribe to The Spotlight. When we’re all informed, we make a stronger community!

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