Want Information About a Self-Defense Class Offered by Your Police Department and Library?

Beginning January 9, Colchester Police Department (CPD) and Burnham Memorial Library (BML) will team up to offer a R. A. D. Systems class to Colchester women ages thirteen and older.

R. A. D. Systems is an intensive self-defense class. CPD and BML will offer the six-week class on Thursday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., which is taught by certified instructors, at the Colchester Meeting House at 830 Main Street.

“It is a building-block course,” said CPD Corporal Jaime Bressler, who is a certified instructor for the course. “We start by talking about risk reduction and awareness and then move onto the physical aspects of self-defense, such as space and reaction time and personal weapons. It is important to attend each class because we don’t have the ability to backtrack and teach the points that were missed in the previous classes. No one has to physically participate, but as instructors, we will try to get a participant to do so; we really feel that it makes more sense to practice the techniques physically with repetition. That is the best way to learn.

“The class is important to take because, even though we live in a safe community, the overall likelihood of one of us getting attacked in our lifetime is 1 in 3. I feel like women would gain an overall better awareness of their surroundings and really leave with the mind-set that they can be prepared for a variety of situations.”

All R. A. D. Systems instructors attend a three-day training for certification, and the majority are police officers or public safety officials. Male instructors must undergo a background check if they are not police officers.

To read more about the R. A. D. Systems course, please click here. To read FAQs about the R. A. D. Systems course, please click here.

Interested? To sign up, please contact CPD’s Corporal Jaime Bressler at jaime.bressler@state.vt.us or (802) 264-5555.

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