Cougars Campaign to Color the World

At Colchester Middle School, part of eighth-grade Spanish students’ curriculum includes topics like Nicaraguan weather, food, and school schedules as well as more complex topics, such as Nicaraguan challenges of poverty and of creative solutions to improve such poverty.

(Last year, a Nicaraguan native—now a Colchester resident—addressed Spanish students at Colchester High School about her experiences; please click here to read that article.)

As part of that learning, the Spanish students, along with members of the Caring Cougars and Community Service clubs, will team up with the Pulsera Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of Nicaraguans.

“In essence, Nicaraguan artists make bracelets—pulseras in Spanish—by hand, and the Pulsera Project sends them to us so we can sell them and raise money for their efforts back in Nicaragua,” said CMS Spanish teacher Meghan Tiernan-Fisher.

The students will sell the pulseras during lunch periods from April 14 through April 18; the sales will return to the Pulsera Project to further the organization’s work, which—per its website—involves efforts to “create sustainable jobs, empower Nicaraguan communities, and provide engaging educational programs both in the US and Nicaragua” and to “bridge cultures, bring people together, and color the world with beauty and awareness.” (It is a sort of precursor to some of the work that the students will do as high school students regarding the study of globalization; please click here to read out article about that subject.)


To learn more about the Pulsera Project’s mission, which—in addition to explaining how the sale of pulseras impacts Nicaraguans—calls attention to worker exploitation and to the idea that rampant global consumerism has an impact on real lives, please click here to view a short explanatory film.

If you would like more information, please contact CMS at (802) 264-5800, or e-mail Meghan Tiernan-Fisher at

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