A Trip Back in Time and a Look at the Future

Malletts Bay School fifth graders in Stephanie Miller’s class (check out her blog here) had an interesting field trip that combined lessons about the past with a peek into what might happen in the future.

The class visited the 1815 Old Log Schoolhouse and the Colchester Bog, both at Airport Park.

The Old Log Schoolhouse

The Old Log Schoolhouse

Colchester Historical Society spearheaded an initiative to restore the old schoolhouse for use as a museum (to learn more about it, please visit their website). Colchester Selectboard member Tom Mulcahy was instrumental in coordinating the students’ visit, which allowed them the opportunity to examine the old schoolhouse and ask questions about what attending school in the historic building was like.



MBS students at the Old Log Schoolhouse at Airport Park

MBS students at the Old Log Schoolhouse at Airport Park

Following their visit to the old schoolhouse, the students ventured into the bog to learn about its flora and fauna and to participate in an ecological scavenger hunt. The exploration of the bog was facilitated by University of Vermont master’s student Kathleen Bamford. Bamford explained about the importance of environmental conservation and about what will happen if our natural resources are unprotected.

MBS students at Colchester Bog

MBS students at Colchester Bog

Scavenger hunt list

Scavenger hunt list








A rare Lady's Slipper, a wildflower in the orchid family, near Colchester Bog

A rare Lady’s Slipper, a wildflower in the orchid family, near Colchester Bog

For MBS_s

Such activities speak directly to the Colchester School District Vision and Strategic Plan 2012–2017, as well; read more about that here. And since the visit to the bog also encourages spending time outdoors in the fresh air, it also supports the district’s wellness vision (check out the wellness blog here).

If you would like more information about the students’ field trip, please call Malletts Bay School at (802) 264-5900.

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