Communications Update: Spotlight on Hiatus Beginning Today

While CSD’s communications program strategizes its transition to a curtailed version of itself, the Spotlight will have a summer-long hiatus effective today.

To date, the Spotlight has been read more than 100,000 times—in addition to its nearly 1,300 subscribers who automatically receive its articles—in 132 countries around the world from Australia to Zambia. Since its launch in the spring of 2011, it has published 828 articles covering a wide variety of topics (including hundreds of photographs and dozens of videos) in an effort to foster the open communication, transparency, accountability, and community spirit that are so important to students’ education. The Spotlight, to which we have repeatedly encouraged the community to subscribe, covers a wide variety of subjects in an effort to offer clear information—everything from college and career planning, the Common Core State Standards, and costs of school meals to academic performance, illness-prevention strategies, and how administrators determine whether to close school due to inclement weather—in regularly published updates. The Spotlight also shares information about important opportunities and initiatives in your schools, such as technology integration efforts and the safe use of technology, community wellness activities, student civic engagement programs, exciting grant-funded projects, partnerships with local and state officials, and much more.

While the Spotlight has been designed to serve as an important facet of CSD’s communications efforts, it is by no means our only avenue for connecting with the community with which we work. We strongly encourage the community to access information about the school district through our numerous outreach channels, which have been discussed many times in the past, including:

And did you know that many teachers and administrators also have websites, blogs, Twitter feeds, and more? Watch videos and slideshows of innovative learning in action and discover what takes place in twenty-first-century classrooms. Many students also write blogs as part of their academic experience into which they incorporate the electronic books, short films, and other work they create. Meet teachers, students, and community volunteers who offer a glimpse into life in your school community.

In addition, your schools host and encourage participation in numerous community events throughout the year, and the district also welcomes the public’s use of the facilities. All of this is in an effort to communicate with our community members and to establish lasting, meaningful partnerships.

If you have any additional ideas or suggestions for how CSD can further its communications efforts, please call our administrative offices at (802) 264-5999.

Have a wonderful summer!

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