Viruses In The News ~ How Do We Stop Them?

Although we are quite removed geographically here in Vermont from sources of the terrible viral outbreaks we see in the news, we are still a very “portable” people. Many Vermonters commute to large cities regularly and certainly must keep in mind that they not only must protect themselves, but also the families and communities they commute from.

In light of the fact that the first case of enterovirus-D68 (EV-68) has been confirmed in the State, the Colchester School District considers it prudent to re-release the Vermont Department Of Health letter of September 15, 2014 that describes best practices for the prevention of transmission of this or any other virus in our schools.

This Vermont DOH letter is made available with the hope that our readers take a couple of minutes to read and absorb some very practical methods of avoiding contact with and / or transmission of viruses.


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