Second District Education Spending Open House

Many thanks to the townspeople that braved the inclement weather last Thursday and attended the first Education Spending Open House at the Bayside Activity Center. The District’s efforts were focused on providing formation about state wide education funding issues and how they impact the district and taxpayers. We hope that what we have presented is of value to everyone and leads to a greater understanding of what is admittedly a terribly complex system.

On this Thursday the 30th at 6pm, the district will hold a follow-up to the first session at the Bayside Center, starting with a synopsis of the just completed Teacher Contract and the negotiation process. Following that we will touch on Per Pupil Spending, how our district measures up with local peers in terms of curriculum depth and then what types of cost containment mechanisms could we consider going forward.

The District is committed to engagement with townspeople. We are willing to go wherever people would like to meet, but we need your help in that regard. If you feel these discussions at the Bayside Activity Center are of value, would you please consider sharing this message with friends in town that share your concerns? Would you encourage your neighbors to attend these sessions and lend their voices to the discussions? We believe that these open and forthright conversations will lead the District and the School Board into the FY2016 budget season better prepared to have a successful vote on the first attempt in March.

Would you like to share your thoughts? Let us know what you think!

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