Fifth Graders Share Veteran’s Day Tradition

Peggy’s Rogers’ fifth grade class, the Rockin’ Tacos, introduced the third through fifth graders at Malletts Bay School to a new Veteran’s Day tradition last week. During the week leading up to November 11th, Malletts Bay students and their families completed “Thank You Veteran” cards for family members who are serving or have served in the U.S. military. The cards are posted along the school hallway for everyone to share. This year the fifth graders in Mrs. Rogers’ class led the students in a special ceremony during lunch. After reading America’s White Table by Margot Theis Raven, the students created posters to explain each symbol on the table. With the help of Administrative Assistant Pamela Reith, a special table was set up in the café. The table included a white tablecloth, a black napkin, an overturned glass, salt, a lemon, and a red rose. After the other students settled in with their lunch, Mrs. Rogers’ students read information about what each element symbolized.

bulletin board

Two of Mrs. Rogers’ students invited family members to join them for lunch on Veteran’s Day. Catherine Balch invited her uncle, Michael Balch, who served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Elaina Mack was joined by her grandparents, Mike and Linda Mack of Richmond. Elaina’s grandpa served in the Vietnam War.

BalchThe Macks

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