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“Let’s Talk” Confronts Big Issues

As a part of the District’s policy of outreach and community engagement we often have to talk about subjects concerning our children that are difficult but necessary. What this requires is face to face dialogue between parents and guardians, teachers and administrators and local health professionals. To this end, the “Let’s Talk” series was initiated and the first session last month at Colchester Middle School was well attended.The feedback from that session was overwhelmingly positive and participants let us know that they wanted to continue the discussions.

Based on that feedback the next “Let’s Talk” will be held this Thursday, December 4th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in the Colchester High School Auditorium. Representatives from local organizations that are key to how the District responds to student issues will attend. Charlotte McCorkel, Howard Center’s First Call Director and Child Psychiatrist Fezya Basoglu will be discussing adolescent brain development, grief, risk and resilience as well as suicide prevention. Information will be shared and there will be opportunity for questions and discussion. Parents and caregivers of high school and middle school students are encouraged to attend.

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