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What to do with that Christmas Tree? ~ “Roundup”

In a few days we who celebrate the season by actually bringing a live tree into our houses will be confronted by reality. How long to leave the Christmas Tree up? A perennial question. Do we continue letting it dry in the corner of the living room for a week after Christmas? Or two? If we don’t have a truck to move this shedding husk, what do with it? The answer: The Boy Scouts Christmas Tree Roundup.

The Christmas Tree Roundup Benefitting Boy Scout Troop 658 Sponsored by St. Francis Xavier

If you live in the Colchester area let the Boy Scouts pick up your Christmas tree after the holidays to be mulched.

      • A donation of $10.00 per tree is appreciated
      • Make donation checks payable to Boy Scout Troop 658
      • Trees must be free of tinsel, ornaments, tree stands and plastic bags
      • Put tree out at the base of your driveway by 8:00am on Saturday, January 3rd
      • For more information call: Ken Bell 655-6258 (h) or 598-0892 (c) or send us an email @

Thank you for supporting the Boy Scouts!

Happy Holidays To All!

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One thought on “What to do with that Christmas Tree? ~ “Roundup”

  1. enjoy the season for at least a few days after Christmas it only comes once a year but after like I used to do in the past put it in the back yard with a little suet for the birds and it will be a good home for the birds for the winter then in the spring just drop it off at you local recycling outlet N/C

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