Captain Phillips Visits CHS

Captain Richard Phillips, made famous as captain of the MV Maersk Alabama, hijacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf Of Aden in 2013, spoke to CHS Social Studies classes at CHS on Thursday April 16th. Captain Phillips recounted for students the chronology of events he went through in the command of the 508 foot cargo ship that found itself under attack by Somali pirates approximately 250 miles off the African coast. Captain Phillips was introduced by Social Studies teacher Jim Price and after his talk was questioned by a panel of CHS students that clearly wanted to know more about how the experience has impacted his life since.

After his ordeal the captain spent some time on the USS Bainbridge with the crew and Navy Seals who performed his dramatic rescue and then returned home to a media storm with “six satellite trucks in my front yard”. The Captain was portrayed by Tom Hanks in the movie titled appropriately, “Captain Phillips”, released in October of that same year. Captain Phillips also authored a book on his experiences titled “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea”. Captain Phillips, his wife Andrea, and their children, Daniel and Mariah, are residents of Underhill, Vt., with strong New England roots. Richard Phillips was born in Winchester, Mass., graduating in 1979 from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

Captain Phillips is pictured with the CHS Social Studies panel, L-R Peri Navarro, Meghan Myers, Nik Companion, Captain Phillips, Mark Gauthier, Jake Stebbins and Social Studies teacher, Mr. Price.

Captain Phillips with CHS Principal Amy Minor and Social Studies teacher Jim Price.

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