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MORE Vermont Writes at Colchester Middle School! Recently we shared information about students at Colchester Middle School participating in the Vermont Writes opportunity offered by The Young Writer’s Project (YWP) . Last week, Dasha Serdyuk’s YWP submission was featured in the Colchester Sun. Congratulations to Dasha! If you missed it in last week’s edition, here is her story starter:

The Golden Staircase
by Dasha Serdyuk

     I rubbed my eyes, sitting up on my plush queen sized bed. Despite my best efforts, I was still awake. My alarm clock read 12:00, midnight. I’ve been trying to fall asleep for the past two hours. Through my window I see the moon, illuminating my room in a silvery glow. I stand up, maybe a glass of milk will help me fall asleep. But as I near my bedroom door, I see that there’s a light peeking out from the other side. My parents are in Toronto visiting family, so there’s no one in the house but me. Curiously I step out, I was sure that I had turned off all the lights. I proceeded to walk to the kitchen, I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. As I entered the kitchen, I noticed that I had left the lights on. I drank my glass of milk and shrugged away the previous five minutes, thinking very little of it. As I left the kitchen and turned the lights off, I was astounded to notice that the mysterious light, had not left. It was sprawled on the floor, illuminating the dirty wooden boards that I had yet to sweep. Looking for the source of the light, I saw that it was coming from the closet. I reached my pale hand out for the doorknob, the cold of the metal sending a shiver down my spine. I wait for a moment, hand on the doorknob, and then I fling the door open. Only to see the most shining and beautiful staircase, climbing into the sky, lighting the few clouds above in a golden glow. The staircase was a gorgeous gold, patterns etched into the delicate material. Carefully, I took one step, nothing happens, I take another, and start sprinting up the staircase, into the glowing sky above.


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