Union Memorial School K-2 Students Performed the Musical “HATS!”

All kindergarten through second grade students at Union Memorial School (UMS) performed the musical, “Hats!” by John Jacobson and John Higgins on April 14 and 15, 2015 in the Colchester High School Theatre. The performance was a culmination of several weeks of learning for the students that included reading the script and learning songs, speaking parts and dances.

Musicals provide a great opportunity for the children to learn and explore on so many levels,” said Martie Mutz, CSD music teacher at UMS and Porters Point School. “For many of our children this is their first time on a real stage.”

“Hats!” offers this story synopsis:  “Hats of all shapes and sizes take over the stage when a group of milliners help Hatless Hank find the perfect hat. Clever rhyming script and song writing explore all kinds of hats, their uses and the people who wear them. A surprise awaits the audience when Ima Milliner appears in her own remarkable, stupendous, contagious hat of all hats! Discover that it’s not the hat that makes a person special, but what’s underneath!” 

For more information including pictures of the events, visit Ms. Mutz’s blog: Music at Union Memorial School at http://blogs.csdvt.org/mutzm/.

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