CSD Band Programs Accepting Used Instrument Donations

CSD Band Programs Accepting Used Instrument Donations


Has it been a while since you played that old clarinet or French horn? Is your old instrument taking up valuable space or gathering dust in the closet? Friends of Colchester Music hopes you will consider giving your old instrument new life and enriching the life of a young Colchester music student by donating your old guitar, brass or woodwind instrument to the Colchester School District (CSD) band programs.


“Extra instruments are tough to come by and they are expensive…we have a small pool of extra instruments that we are able to share among the three school district band programs,” said CMS Band Director Emily Desautels. “Having a few more instruments would be very helpful not only for instructing students, but also in case an instrument is left at home on practice day, gets damaged or, most importantly, if a student wants to play an instrument but lacks the means to rent one.”

The CSD music booster group Friends of Colchester Music is now accepting donations of any brass or woodwind instruments. To donate an instrument to the CSD band programs, please contact Friends of Colchester Music at friendsofcolchestermusic@gmail.com. All donations are tax deductible.



For more information, visit www.friendsofcolchestermusic.com.

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