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SAT / PSAT Practice Testing Opportunities This Fall

Colchester students have a couple of options available to them this fall to take the Preliminary or Practice SAT tests. The tests are designed to give them experience with the process and prepare them for the standardized testing widely used by college admissions departments and may qualify students for National Merit Scholarship competition.

First at the Burnham Library: Burnham Library has partnered with Kaplan to offer free practice tests to students. These tests will allow students to sit for the exam and have an authentic testing experience; students will also receive a full score report outlining their strengths and weaknesses. The tests will take place just down the street from the Library, at Our Lady of Grace Church (784 Main Street). You must register at least one week in advance at our website –

Here are the upcoming dates:

Practice PSAT Exam Saturday, Sept. 12 from 9am to 1pm

Practice SAT Exam Saturday, Sept. 19 from 9am to 1pm

For more information call (802) 264-5660

And also at Colchester High School:

This year the College Board is not offering a Saturday PSAT as they have done in the past.  In response, CHS took this as an opportunity and applied for a VSAC Gear Up Grant to test the entire 10th and 11th grades.  Our grant application was approved and we are moving forward with plans to administer the test to all 10th and 11th grade students.  This is a great opportunity to provide all students, regardless of ability to pay, with a practice college admissions test.  Moreover, the PSAT results provide access to free customized online SAT preparation for each student via MY College Quickstart.

The testing day at CHS will be Wednesday, October 14th.

For more information call (802) 264-5700





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Back To School!!

The summer days are still warm but they are getting shorter and yes, it is time for Colchester students to go Back To School!

Teachers are already attending their fall programs this week in anticipation of the first official day of classes for everyone on next Wednesday August 26th.

Next week will kick off on Monday the 24th with the Porters Point School PTO Welcome Back Barbeque at 5:30 and the Colchester Middle School Sports Meeting at 6:30 in the CMS cafeteria.

There is a full listing of all school start times and special events as well the school calendar, cafeteria and bus information available at

Looking forward to seeing all those happy faces next week!





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School District Solicits Community Members For Superintendent Search

Colchester School District

Superintendent Search Committee (SSC)

Community Member Solicitation 

As a part of the Superintendent Search process, a committee composed of administrators, teachers and community members will be convened to perform and oversee the functions leading to selection of the next Superintendent Of Colchester Schools by the School Board.

The committee tasks will include:

  • Redesign of the current Superintendent Job Description
  • Creation of the Superintendent Characteristic list
  • Selection of the Superintendent Search Consultant
  • Oversight of Superintendent Search Consultant
  • Review of Superintendent Candidate materials
  • Interview of Superintendent Candidates
  • Move the successful Candidates to Board

The Committee will convene in September for the preliminary design work and selection of the Superintendent Search Consultant. The Committee will meet again in December to process Superintendent candidate information, perform interviews and move successful candidates to the board.

The Committee will consist of 15 members:

1 School Board Member

1 Central Office Person

2 CSD Administrators

3 Teachers

7 Community Members / Parents / Guardians 

Letters Of Interest

Interested Community Members / Parents / Guardians should apply by August 21st via email at with contact information and availability in the months of September and December. Letters of interest should include: a paragraph describing why you are interested in participating as a member of the Superintendent Search Committee; a description of any experience(s), knowledge or skill(s) that would make you a strong committee member.

For those without email access please forward the above by mail to:

Colchester School District

125 Laker Lane

P.O. Box 27, Colchester, Vermont


Attn: Superintendent Search Committee

The District is reachable by phone at 802-264-5999 and at our web site at