Updated Math Program for Colchester K-5 Students

Colchester’s primary and elementary school students are working with an updated version of the District’s core mathematics program, Everyday Math. The program was completely revised to align with the Common Core State Standards, and represents a significant improvement in achieving the depth and rigor associated with these standards. Professional development to support implementation is ongoing, provided by Colchester’s curriculum Director Gwen Carmolli and Math Coach Susan Morin. The updated program includes formative assessments that help teachers plan for success, along with many online components to support student learning. Games and problem solving ensure opportunities for students to engage with one another in productive struggle that strengthens understanding and application of critical mathematical concepts. Last spring’s results from the annual standardized test (Smarter Balanced Assessment) indicate that Colchester students perform above the state average. Nonetheless, scores indicate persistent achievement gaps for low-income students and those with disabilities. The updated Everyday Math program supports high quality, responsive instruction aimed at raising achievement levels for all students.

Contact: Gwen Carmolli, Colchester School District, carmollig@csdvt.org


Pictured: Third graders (Madison Dutton L and Ava Moore R) work in their math journals while consulting online components of the math program using Chromebooks.

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