The Spotlight

Colchester School District Performs Well Compared to State on New State Standardized Assessment (SBAC)

In the spring of 2015, Colchester students in grades 3-8 and 11 participated in the first administration of the new statewide assessment called SBAC. This new assessment was used to measure how students performed on the new Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Math.   SBAC replaced the former NECAP assessment the State of Vermont had used since 2004-2005 to measure adequate yearly progress under the No Child Left Behind legislation. Students in 20 other states also took this assessment. In the first published results this Fall that are displayed in the table above, students in the Colchester School District showed significant positive differences in the percent of students who scored Level 3 or above in both content areas when compared to all students in the State of Vermont for many of the grades. The Colchester School District has worked very hard and intentionally to implement the Common Core into all classrooms and all grades throughout the district for the past several years. These initial results can be seen as an early indicator on the success of those efforts. In future blogs more information will be provided on what these results mean and how they will be used to help the district move forward with its mission to always get better for the children of this community.