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2014-15 NECAP Science Results


The 2014-15 NECAP Science results have been published and the tables above show the percent of students in the Colchester School District in grade 4, 8, and 11 who scored at a proficiency level compared to the State of Vermont as well as longitudinal data since 2009.

Results show the students in the Colchester School District performed equal to or significantly higher than students in Vermont at that grade level. As you look at the results for the past three years by grade you will see the results have been uneven except for the middle school which has shown had consistent results over that same time period.

While we are proud that we overall achieve higher in the middle school and high school compared to the State of Vermont, we still recognize that we have significant work ahead to ensure a much higher percent of our students become proficient in science, especially considering the more rigorous standards of the Next Generation Science Standards are now in place and will be assessed in the future. We are proud to report that the district has been very active in preparing for these new standards for the past 2 years at the Colchester Middle and High Schools by revising all the units to meet the Next Generation Standards.  That work will now begin in grades K-5 and we expect it will also take a couple of years to complete.