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ACT 46 2016-17 Per Pupil Spending (PPS) Growth Threshold Comparing Area Districts and Colchester

A key aspect to Act 46 is providing spending thresholds for all districts based on a formula to equalize spending throughout the State of Vermont. The chart above shows the other area school district data compared to Colchester.  The information shows that Colchester spends $853 less than the state average (which equals $1.8 million if Colchester were at the State average) and $2461 per pupil less than the district with the highest per pupil costs.  It is evidence that the district has been very responsible with its budgets along getting good results for their efforts. It also shows how much each district can raise its budget this year without being penalized for going over that amount.  For Colchester that is 2.35% which will equal $682,549.

On October 20 Superintendent Waters presented the school board with a presentation on Act 46 and an outline about its impact on the budget this year.  That information is located on the district web page. You can get it at this link.

The budget process will also be an agenda item at the Board meeting on November 3.