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Veterans Day Celebration at Malletts Bay School

Students at Malletts Bay School attended assemblies on November 6th to learn about Veteran’s Day. Principal Julie Benay led the assemblies, which included information about the different branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the varied jobs and positions that service members fulfill, and the history from Armistice Day to today’s observance and traditions. Students were invited to decorate a star in patriotic colors, including names of friends and relatives who are serving or have served in the U. S. Armed forces. Students from the Summit House classrooms used the colorful stars to create a display in the hallway.

On Veteran’s Day, Students in Mrs. Rogers’ fifth grade classroom taught their peers about the tradition of “America’s White Table.” Based on the children’s book by Margot Theis Raven, the white table is set in the cafeteria with symbols such as a red rose, white candle, and empty chair. The tradition began during the Vietnam War to honor the many American’s who were captured or missing in action. Students set the table, created posters to explain the symbolism, and gave short speeches to explain the tradition.