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K-5 Report Card changes for 2015-16

The Colchester School District is constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of parents understanding how their children are meeting grade level expectations. With the coming of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and proficiency based learning and grading, changes have been made to the report card for grades K-5 to reflect these changing expectations in 2015-16. The key changes will include language that will be consistent with CCSS, separate sections for classroom performance and assessments, opportunities to exceed in math, and a new section called “Speaking and Listening� which is a new claim found within CCSS. What will stay the same is the format, the identified proficiency levels, and that progress will be reported by trimester. All of these changes will help make the reporting system better aligned with the new state requirements and hopefully give both parents and their children better information on how they are progressing meeting these changing expectations. The first new report card will be heading home for grades K-5 on November 20.