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CHS Students Travel to DC for the Presidential Inauguration

Last night, CHS staff and families gathered in excitement for the send-off of the “Election 2016” class as they depart from Colchester, VT and travel to Washington, DC to attend the inauguration ceremony for the 45th President of the United States.


dsc_8324This trip is the culmination of an after-school elective course called “Election 2016” which allowed students to conduct in-depth research surrounding the 2016 campaign season and the electoral process. There was significant interest in the course and the 15 students who were ultimately invited to participate were chosen through a highly competitive application process. Throughout the first semester, students were responsible for writing their own research questions and conducting ongoing research related to the election.dsc_8325

All three local news outlets were there to capture the send-off. They interviewed the students and their parents about the class, the knowledge they gained about the democratic process, and their excitement surrounding the 4 day trip to DC.

Although the Inauguration is the focal point of the trip, the group plans to see much of the city. They’ll be visiting the White House, Ford’s Theatre, Museum of African American History and Culture, Arlington National Cemetery, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Mount Vernon, the Smithsonian Complex, take guided tours of the National Cathedral and Capitol Hill grounds, and see many of the major monuments (Korean and Vietnam War Memorials; Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Martin Luther King monuments).


For most of the class, this will be their first time visiting the nation’s capital.

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