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CHS Students Win Awards at SkillsUSA Competition

Several Colchester High School students won medals at the Vermont SkillsUSA state competition held at the beginning of April. Three CHS students won gold and will be competing in the national competition in Kentucky this June.

image (2)SkillsUSA is a career and technical student organization serving more than 360,000 high school and college students who are enrolled in training programs in technical, skilled, and service occupations, including health occupations.

All of the students who participated in the competition attend the Center for Technology Essex (CTE), which provides comprehensive technical programs including career exploration, preparation, and technical literacy.

Gold medal winner and image (1) (1)CHS junior, Jessica Bortz, says CTE is a great fit for her learning style. “It’s a very hands-on school that gives you skills that a regular high school wouldn’t be able to give you.” She said winning the promotional bulletin board category with her two teammates was exhilarating. “It was like getting the air knocked out of you. It was hard to breathe as all three of us walked to the podium. The feeling of having a gold medal around our necks was proof that we could do it.”

The categories of competition varied from 3D animation to commercial banking, firefighting, dental assisting, interactive game design, cosmetology and over a dozen more.

CHS junior, Alex Cardosi, won gold in the web page design category. “I worked with my partner Ryan Witham to create a website based on the assignment we were given the day of competition. In this case, it was to recreate the Mimmo’s website.” You can visit the winning site by clicking here.

MimmosAlex said he enjoyed working as a team. “It allowed me to have a lower workload and focus on the aspects that I wanted to work on, while my partner could work on the aspects he enjoyed.”

As for winning first place, Alex and his teammate are thrilled. “I’m mostly looking forward to being able to compete with people from all over the country at Nationals. I’m curious to see how Ryan and I can hold up against the best.”

image (3)Classmate Alicia Tebeau-Sherry also won gold at the state competition, although her category could not have been more different than Alex’s. She competed in the medical terminology contest which involved an 80-question timed test covering medical terminology, abbreviations, and other medical concepts. She said that the preparation required a lot of memorization. “After I found out I won, I was surprised, but also very excited. I was proud of myself because all the studying had paid off!”uvm alicia blood

All three of the gold medal winners will travel to Kentucky to compete in the National Competition. All of us here at CSD offer our congratulations and wish them good luck!

Here’s the full list of CHS winners:
Chris Adkins, Silver in Information Technology
Jessica Bortz, Gold in Promotional Bulletin Board
Hailey Blondin, Bronze in Customer Service
Alex Cardosi, Gold in Web Page Design
James Irish, Silver in Interactive Game Design
Alicia Tebeau-Sherry, Gold in Medical Terminology
Savanah Tebeau-Sherry, Silver Medal in Advertising Design and T-Shirt Design